BvL: Feeding equipment, Unloading technology, Bedding technology, Biogas equipment for Biogas systems, System technology

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Meet our V-SYSTEM up close and personal!

V-SYSTEM epitomizes versatility you can trust on your farm and covers all your needs in the areas of feeding equipment, unloading technology, bedding technology, biogas equipment and system technology. This exquisite diversity is reflected in our product categories V-MIX, V-LOAD, V-COMFORT, V-BIO, and V-CONNECT.
Better still, all of our mixer wagons, whether they be external loaders, self-loaders or self-propelled, are designed exactly to your requirements and specifications. No matter which of our products you select, you can rest assured that you are investing in superior quality "Made in Germany". Pick the product category that interests you most from the choices listed here.