Mixer Tuning

Expand the basic model of a mixer or enhance a used one.

You can tune your mixer with some accessoires and additional options. We show how:
  • Total cost control:
    Keep an eye on the condition of your mixing augers at all times. Only if the fl ights are of suffi cient thickness can they stand up to the daily wear and tear they are subjected to and produce feed mixes with the quality you demand for your animals. By replacing your old mixing augers you will also cut down mixing times, reducing the wear on all other components of your machine in the process. Only the original BvL Power mixing auger with its ascending fl ights (Active-Mixing-Process) will help you restore your mixtures to their original perfection.
  • Extended service life:
    For all BvL V-MIX fodder mixing wagons we offer the option of adding a stainless steel lining. Sit down with our experts and let them find the custom solution that will meet your requirements best. Lining your mixer wagon with high-quality stainless steel (V2A=1.4301) may extend its service life depending on the stress you put it through and the fodder you use with it.

  • Increased safety and animal welfare:
    We offer premium-grade extraction magnets for all BvL mixing augers that are mounted at the top and thebottom of the mixing auger.Foreign metal objects are attracted by these magnets,preventing them from entering the feed intended foryour animals.Perfectly positioned on the lee side of the mixing auger,these magnets extract foreign objects with superioreffectiveness.Better still, they do not hinder the mixingauger in any way from slicing smoothly through the material.

  • Shorter mixing times and savings in diesel fuel:
    Make sure that the blades on the mixing augers of your fodder mixing wagon are always in TOP shape. New blades on a mixing auger reduce the mixing time by approximately five minutes or more per mixing cycle. If you run up to two mixing cycles per day, this means that you may easily save more than €4,000 / year. Our knives are made out of top-tier quality material (40MnB4). The blade is induction-hardened, and the knife can absorb tremendous forces - without breaking. All knives fitted on the auger come standard with support plates that secure the knives on the auger even more firmly.

  • More thorough mixing and enhanced mixing quality:
    The edges on the flights of a mixing auger must remain sharp at all times to achieve the desired mixing quality. If they have become round, the edges on the flight will allow the fodder to slip down, resulting in an uncontrollable flow of material. Our BvL mixing augers are made of high-quality steel (S355). Subsequent hard surfacing of the mixing auger flights with BvL RAEX 400 re-sharpens the edges and lifts up the fodder to the extent necessary to achieve a homogeneous mixture.

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