V-BIO Combi - larger and more efficient

BvL: V-BIO Combi now even larger and more efficient

Feed a wide variety of materials with perfect reliability – courtesy of the latest V-BIO Combi devised by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik. The new and improved combination that makes up this system now delivers even greater capacity and fur-ther enh

The plethora of biogas plants in existence at home and abroad calls for a wide variety of feeding technology solutions. Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (for short: BvL) from Emsbüren offers solids dispensers that are ideally matched to any conditions the operator may encounter.

The feeding technology incorporated into the machines of the V-BIO Combi 2D series - a combination of vertical solids dispenser and two push-off containers - was expanded by a container model that offers a significantly increased capacity: We recently delivered and put into operation a combination consisting of 150 m3 and 90 m3 containers with a two-auger dispenser in Denmark. “Companies in need of replacing their solids dispensers are eager to find solutions that afford them larger delivery quantities at reduced power consumption. The version we conceived is distinguished by containers that, while now wider than before, have not undergone any increase in length”, explains BVL product manager Michael Fischer.

However, even more impressive than its sheer size is the comparatively low power consumption of the system: The push-off wall of the containers is actuated by a 3 kW hydraulic unit. This unit, together with the 30 kW motors powering the material feed system, cuts down power consumption to a significant degree.

Naturally, this new size option offers the same overall benefits as all other machines of the V-BIO Combi series:
  • even the most difficult substrates can be pushed off with perfect ease thanks to the efficient push-off wall;
  • steel containers with stainless steel lining for containers that deliver superior ruggedness and durability even if exposed to abrasive solids;
  • effortless discharge of difficult materials thanks to bottom door with underbody auger (side door possible as well).
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