Straw blower also possible in rear attachment

BvL: Straw blower also possible in rear attachment

The V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower can be flexibly mounted in the front or rear of a mixer wagon

Variable implementation areas and implementation circumstances require flexible machines. The V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower from Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) in Emsbüren, Germany, satisfies this requirement. It can be mounted in the front as well as the rear area of a mixer wagon.

With both variants the customer can choose either the factory-standard direct discharge (pivots 20° to the right/left) or a hydraulic tower slewing unit with pivoting of the ejector tower by 190°. Thus, the machine can be entirely adapted to the bedding conditions in its cowshed. Both variants offer a throw distance adjustment of 85° in height, so that the cowshed can be completely bedded from front to back.

Moreover, the compact design of the high-performance straw blower ensures that it stands close to the mixing hopper and thus shortens the machine. This not only saves space, it also incredibly facilitates manoeuvring. At the rear, a collision guard additionally helps avoid damage when manoeuvring.

However, the V-COMFORT Turbo is more than just flexible in alignment. It can be mounted on (virtually) all V-MIX type mixing wagons. In addition, elements such as the tried-and-tested stone trap, which makes it possible to sift coarse and heavy foreign objects out of the bedding material, ensure extensive occupational health and safety.

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