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BvL: New two-auger self-propelled mixer wagon – cut above the rest with added comfort and convenience

Marrying great looks with superior ergonomics and, above all, unprecedented performance, BvL’s new V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S offers exceptional benefits - both to the driver and the fodder.

The new two-auger self-propelled V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S engineered by Emsland family business Bernard van Lengerich GmbH & Co. KG (for short: BvL) is a convenient, yet powerful option for larger enterprises. Offering a capacity between 17 and 21m3, customers can feed approx. 100 to 155 cows with perfect efficiency in a single pass. The new two-auger self-propelled mixer wagon offers the same premium quality and long-lasting feed mixing technology that customers have come to expect from all other BvL products. Its stand-out features are:
  • Be gentle on the feed: Just as its “smaller” sibling, the V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus, the new machine comes with a profiled roller that allows for particularly gentle feed removal. The toothed segments of this roller carefully comb the feed off the clamp. The joined segments – the machine does not have any individual knives - are ultra robust and, thus, require next to no maintenance. This cuts down cost and saves time over long-term use.     
  • Discharge more fodder: Aside from offering doors on the sides, the machine can also accommodate a cross conveyor at the front and the rear and even allows for the installation of a 300 mm side adjustment unit. This conveyor belt sets itself apart by its high delivery capacity, which is ensured by its high belt flights and belt width of 800mm. These exceptional properties make it possible to discharge more fodder in one pass.
  • Stay agile: The machine comes standard with 4-wheel steering and offers the option to add four-wheel drive.
  • See everything at glance: A rear view camera is included with every new two-auger mixer wagon. Additional cameras can be positioned all around, allowing the operator to stay in full control of the machine and the feed at all times.

The machine is available as a 20, 25 or 40 km/h model.But, we did not stop there: aside from incorporating unmatched feeding equipment, we also made this self-propelled mixer wagon exceptionally easy to use. Among others, the following extras contribute to the machine's singular ease of use:
  • Spacious cab with plenty of leg room and panoramic view
  • Multifunction arm rest housing a CAN bus, a button panel & a joystick for effortless control of the machine's functions
  • Single joystick operation thanks to tried-and-tested multifunction joystick and the Multi-Drive concept (various operating modes)
  • Cutting-edge cab suspension guarantees a comfortable ride, absorbing even more violent bumps and allowing the seat and the arm rest with joystick to swing along more effectively
  • FPT diesel engine with 6 cylinders and 6.7 l engine capacity, delivering 165 kW/224 HP
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