BvL feiert "40 Jahre Futtermischwagen"

BvL commemorating "40 years of the V-MIX feed mixer wagon"

Long-established manufacturer BvL has yet another opportunity to cele-brate a round birthday!

Still operating from their Emsland home region, Bernard von Lengerich GmbH & Co. KG is both proud to reminisce about their development history and eager to take it to the next level: 40 years ago the company introduced the world to the first vertical feed mixer wagon and has continuously developed it further ever since, adapting it to the ever increasing requirements of modern dairy farms. Today, the company ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers in the feeding equipment industry. Now in its 5th generation, the Emsland family business remains focused on engineering products that are tailored to their customer’s every need. To BvL, matching the customer with the product that is right for them is front and center. “Made especially for me!” is the moniker BvL has given this concept.

Examples of BvL’s innovation prowess are the patented EDS system, which allows for a swift and direct fodder discharge with superior precision, and the company's Express mixing chambers.

Deeply rooted in the Emsland region, the company has found their recipe for success in relying on such vital ingredients as continuity and dependability and adding a healthy portion of scientific curiosity. The secret behind the company’s long years of success is providing farmers with customized solutions that perfectly fit their individual requirements.

Milestones in BvL’s history:
  • 1978: BvL launches their first vertical feed mixer wagon named “Solomix”. This original feed mixer     wagon laid the foundation of what was to become BvL’s phenomenally successful V-MIX series.
  • 1986: The horizontal feed mixer wagon "Starmix" is introduced. At this time, the horizontal feed        mixer wagons have a much larger market share.
  • 1997: Continuation of the vertical feed mixing wagon program by the V-mix 1s. The mixer wagon      with integrated loading scoop and cutting unit expands the company’s mixer wagon portfolio. To        this day, the V-MIX L and V-MIX LS models are indispensable tools for a great many agricultural        businesses. The loading scoop and the cutting unit allow these machines to load themselves.
  • In the middle of the Nineties, BvL first steps in the self-running feed mixing wagon with the V-Mix    "Futura".
  • From 2003, BvL offers feed mixing trolleys with straw blowers. These were continuously developed    and are used as V-COMFORT Turbo.
  • The product range is extended around the line of the three-screw feed mixer wagons. Thus BvL offers up to now mixed wagons with volume of up to 46M3. In addition, BvL with stationary mixers is increasing into the biogas sector.
  • 2008: The self-propelled mixer wagon with the patented, profiled roller structure is on the market.    This innovative technology is particularly feed-friendly and durable.
  • 2012: BvL unveils the feed management system V-DAIRY Feeder. The Web-based software assists    the farmer in preparing and distributing precisely metered feed rations. At the same time, the          system facilitates documentation, affording the farmer valuable savings in cost.
  • 2017: At Agritechnica in Hanover BvL takes the wraps off its latest generation of two-auger self-      propelled mixer wagons. The “jumbo” model of this self-propelled feed mixer wagon makes it a        breeze to provide even larger herds with feed.
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