Feed management with V-CONNECT DAIRY Feeder

V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system

Extract more from your feed!

Everything at a glance!

  • mobile feed management system
  • access to feed data using cloud software
  • automated data synchronization in real time
  • different feeding reports
  • straightforward control and installation
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Allowing you to keep daily control and affording you a clear overview of your feedings along with savings in fodder – this is what our V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system is bringing to the table. The system documents the feeding process in fully automatic fashion. The farmer can pull up all feed data with just a press of a button: when was which feed administered by whom and for how long and at what quantities.

In this day and age where smartphones and interconnected data are prevalent, feed management has become a indispensable tool to achieve more efficient business management and continuous improvement. Operating principle: The herd manager enters information such as fodder components, groups of animals and rations into the feed management system on his computer. Before feeding the animals, every employee signs in at the DairyFeeder Navigator with their own password to view the rations and the quantities yet to be loaded. All stages of the feeding process will be recorded and saved automatically. Start using our V-DAIRY Feeder and experience the wonderful world of feed management!

Standard features include:
  • V-DAIRY Feeder smartphone
  • V-DAIRY Feeder transceiver box
  • 2 x car holder
  • Feed management software (cloud solution)
For more information, contact:
Phone: +49 (0) 59 03 951 - 25
Mobile: 0176/10048043

compatible with mixer wagons of all makes (standard)

compatible with mixer wagons of all makes (standard)
The V-DAIRY Feeder Box works with mixer wagons of all makes. Simply connect it to the weighing unit of the mixer wagon, and you are ready to exchange data between the mixer wagon and the handheld display, for instance, while loading or unloading the feed

V-DAIRY Feeder Navigator (standard)

V-DAIRY Feeder Navigator (standard)
The V-DAIRY Feeder Navigator shows the person distributing the feed the groups of animals receiving the food, the feed rations and the loaded quantities. Operating like a navigation system guiding the operator through the feeding process, the V-DAIRY Feeder Navigator provides for maximum ease and precision. While in operation, the unit records all feeding processes in fully automatic fashion. Exchanging data manually using a data storage medium is no longer required.

V-DAIRY Feeder TMR Pilot (standard)

V-DAIRY Feeder TMR Pilot (standard)
The herd manager can use the web-based software application V-DAIRY Feeder TMR Pilot to create the rations as well as the groups of animals and plan the feeding process. Since all previous feeding processes are displayed at a glance, he can check the feeding accuracy and determine parameters such as dry substance consumption and feed costs. Fully loaded with mobile Internet technology, the V-DAIRY Feeder Navigator provides a fully automatic exchange of data. There is no need to install any software. The application is simply accessed over the Web by means of an access code. This means that the feeding process can be accessed and influenced from anywhere at any time.

Cost savings

Cost savings
Feed costs account for more than 50% of the direct costs of running a dairy farm. This is why feed management is essential for the success of the business. However, you cannot optimize the feeding process unless you know every aspect and stay in constant control of it. The V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system is a helpful tool in this regard. Easy to handle and fully automatic, this system allows you to distribute your feed more accurately and in a less wasteful manner. Your profit is buried in your feed. Let us help you bring it out into the open!